Summer School Program

The best summer programs for school age children combine academic, enrichment, character building, and recreational activities, often through project-based or theme-based activities.  At Growing Yearsmany different projects/themes are explored during the summer months!    By implementing theme-based activities, many different components come into play—math, reading, writing, history, reinforced with hands-on field trips.

When planning activities, we strive to address the multiple needs, interests, abilities, and talents of the children we care for, especially considering the differences in age groups.  Our activities work best when they tap into children’s natural inquisitiveness and playfulness, while challenging them to learn new skills and concepts. 


Our projects/themes have clear boundaries, but lots of possibilities.  For example:

Let’s consider a hypothetical theatre project about Saginaw!  First, children learn some local history and go on a field trip.   Then they will learn to write and revise a script.  They might also learn about set design and painting, physical activities like mime or dance, math exercises as they distribute and sell tickets, nutrition and cooking as they make snacks to sell during intermission and discuss possible social issues related to character traits such as honesty, responsibility, respect. 

This example serves to illustrate just how many learning opportunities exist in each of the activities associated with one project idea or theme.  Children are encouraged to initiate where the learning goes by mapping out their interests during the planning stages.

Besides project/theme learning and field trips, children also participate in a program called “Quest”, developed by the Michigan State Board of Education to review skills from each child’s grade level, while giving them opportunities to learn new skills throughout the summer months.  Research shows that oftentimes children don’t retain what they’ve learned if there is no review of those skills during the summer months.

Teachers may be reached any time during the day by calling the school at 989-792-8670 or by e-mailing us at

Field Trips:
Some field trips are planned to coincide and reinforce what children are learning and some field trips are just for fun!  We try very hard to minimize the cost of field trips by taking advantage of local areas like public parks and libraries. Also, we provide the transportation for field trips!

Below is a list of some of the field trips we’ve taken in the past:
  • Junction Valley Railroad
  • Crooked Creek Bowling
  • Midland Center for the Arts
  • Midland Spray Park
  • Chuck E Cheese
  • Grandpa Tiny’s Farm and Park
  • Delta Planetarium
  • Gym Jesters
  • Baby Acres
  • Wilderness Trail Zoo
  • Children’s Zoo

Other Important Information:

Children are grouped according to their ages and current enrollment.

Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are served each day, unless an all day field trip requires a lunch packed from home.

We ask that parents commit to at least two days a week, but additional days may be added.  Second or third children in the same family will receive a 20% discount.


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