After School Program

The best kinds of afterschool programs offer a balance of academics, recreation, enrichment, and character building activities.  Those are the kinds of things we include at Growing Years!  Besides focusing on homework assignments and tutoring, we also provide opportunities for unstructured play, activity clubs, snack, and outside time.  Obviously, there needs to be a balance in what we do and this balance is based on the ages of the children and the needs of participating families. 

Because children who come to our after school program have already been through six hours of schooling, we feel children need to differentiate their afterschool learning time.  The tutoring and homework help we provide is more effective because the children work in very small groups, or ideally, one-on-one with the afterschool teachers.  Some children might feel lost in the large groups of the school day, and so a single afterschool teacher who will help them with math, reading, or other problem areas can produce some successful outcomes!  Our after school program attempts to provide the kind of individual attention all children need and deserve.

Currently we provide transportation and care for children ages 5-10 years old who attend Saginaw Township Public and Parochial Schools and some Saginaw City Schools.  Our licensed Growing Years child care bus picks children up from school and brings them back to Growing Years where they may stay until 6:00 if needed.  We do not provide transportation to school in the mornings.

If school is dismissed early for some reason, we are usually able to pick children up on those days as well.  One advantage of  enrolling in our after school program is the ability to bring your child whenever there is a snow day, teacher in-service day, vacation days, etc. 

Teachers may be reached any time during the day by calling the school at 989-792-8670 or by e-mailing us at

Daily Schedule:
A typical day at Growing Years’ Afterschool Program might look like this: (times will vary depending on the needs of children, the weather, and the length of activities planned.)

Time Activity
3:00pm: Arrival from school.  Children will go out to the playground first to have 
some after school fun and let off a little steam!
3:30-3:45pm: Children enjoy snack together and visit with their friends and teachers.

Children work on homework assignments, receive tutoring, read, visit the art center, or play computer games.

*4:30-5:30pm: Club Activities!
5:30-6:00pm: Independent activities, clean up.

Growing Years will focus on a different activity club each month that children may freely participate in at no extra charge.

The club activities include:
Club Timeframe
Peddlesfoots Good Character Club activities every month
Spanish Speaking Club activities every month
All About Me Club September
Eating well/Cooking Club October
Young at Art Club November
Service Learning Club December
Growing Years Theatre Club January
Trivia Challenge Club February
Readers and Writers Club March
Math Manipulators Club April
Staying Fit Club May


Peddlesfoots Good Character Club Activities:
The Peddlesfoots Good Character Club will participate in a character education program featuring a family of rabbits named the Peddlesfoots.  Through the stories of their many antics and trials, children learn about the importance of becoming children of good character. The stories have been combined with exciting lesson plans and activities for teachers to extend the concepts of trustworthiness, respect, perseverance, caring, citizenship, fairness, self-discipline, responsibility, and courage.  Besides the stories, children also enjoy the song CD, read-a-long CD, and Peddlesfoots puppets.

This series was written by Anita Collins, the owner/director of Growing Years, along with her son, Matthew Hill, and daughter, Lisa Workman, who are also teachers.  In 2006, the Peddlesfoots curriculum was selected as the centerpiece of a federally funded grant—Partnerships in Character Education—that was awarded to the Saginaw Intermediate School District.  After being rigorously researched for 4 years, the Peddlesfoots curriculum demonstrated significant increases in children’s pro-social behavior as well as improved academic achievement in literacy.  Separate levels of curriculum were developed for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Peddlesfoots Character Education Materials Available for Purchase:
The books, CDs, puppets and resource kits are currently available at The ebooks are soon to be available at,, and! Stayed tuned for updates as to when these ebooks will be available.

If you would like more information about our character education program, we have a website at or visit


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